Tips for Buying Tent Camping Accessories

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Tips for Buying Tent Camping Accessories

Camping out in nature doesn't always have to equate to roughing it. Whether you're a car camper or a backcountry minimalist, there are a variety of items you can purchase to make camping more relaxing. This guide will cover a range of items you can add to your camping gear to make trips more comfortable.

Having a restful sleep is important regardless if you're camping or not. There are varying sleeping pads and mats available to help you sleep comfortably in the outdoors. Mattress pads or camping cots also elevate and insulate you from the ground, helping you stay warm on cold nights. Foam and inflatable mattresses come in several lengths and thicknesses, and in lightweight to extra thick mats. If using inflatable mattresses, consider purchasing a 12V or rechargeable air pump; they'll save you time when setting up your sleeping quarters. For those with room to spare, a cot can be an excellent add-on. You can even get organizers to hang off the cot's side to keep personal items within reach. Don't forget a pillow. Camp pillows feature a soft casing (often flannel). Small models are available with the space-conscious camper in mind and can be compressed when packed. Small accessories can help make your tent more comfortable, especially in rainy weather. Portable, battery operated lights and lanterns, small radios, and fans are some examples. Look for these accessories in camping tent models that can be hung from the ceiling or suspended another way so you're not forced to hold them. A deck of cards, a small board game and a book are good to have too in case you get caught in a day-long downpour. It's a good idea to bring some extra supplies for your tent, especially tent pegs. A mallet for driving in and removing stakes is another time saving device. Finally, a spare piece of carpet, or an actual mat, is handy to leave outside your tent door to hold footwear and wipe muddy feet.


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