Tips for Camping in Spring

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Tips for Camping in Spring

Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy the camping experience! Even though the spring weather & cooler temps can be unpredictable, making Spring camping a bit more challenging. Spring camping requires more planning to "be prepared" by choosing the right gear, date and location with the best weather possibilities. Despite the excess preparation, spring camping still has some great benefits! It is always best to plan for the best weather and be prepared for the worst.

It's been a long winter for most of us, many are feeling "cabin fever" set in and are ready to get out of the house and spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. Spring camping not only provides an escape for hanging out outdoors but to take notice the plants and flowers just starting to come out, trees starting to sprout there leafs, and the wildlife are showing signs of the end of winter.

Spring camping preperations may make some fair weather campers reconsider the idea of camping in the spring, but for those willing to step out, the benefits are fantastic. First, and foremost everyone on your camping trip needs to bring items for staying warm, here are a few key items to keep in mind, clothing is not to be taken likely, layering is a key component to keeping dry and maintaining body temperature.

A good quality, properly rated & fitted sleeping bag is key to a restful sleep. Choose a proper size sleeping bag that fits you and has a temperature rating of a few degrees below the lowest temperature you expect to encounter. It is better to have a sleeping bag that will keep you too warm rather than having one that is not warm enough. Tip#1, when choosing a temperature rating you may also consider purchasing a sleeping bag with a warmer temp rating and installing a sleeping bag liner for optimal temperature performance.

Be sure to also bring along plenty of warm, lightweight, waterproof clothing. Layering is the best way to stay warm and dry during a Spring camping trip. Long underwear is also a great way to stay warm Tip#2, keep a few pieces of clothing inside your sleeping bag with you to avoid having to put them on cold to maintain your body temp... Also bring along waterproof footwear and a waterproof jacket to wear while hiking or participating in other outdoor related activities, another item to keep in mind is a dry bag for storing clothing when dealing with wet conditions. The most important single piece of clothing is a hat or head protection. An exposed head loses body heat rapidly,therefore wearing a stocking while in your sleeping bag is another way to keep warm while maintaining body temperature.

As for shelter, make sure you have seam sealed all tent joints and placing a floor saver underneath will not only protect your tent floor but is also a good way to keep dry.

On a closing note Spring weather can be unpredictable and being prepared is the key to spring camping,don't forget the small things, "big doors swing on little hinges", there's nothing worst than showing up on your campsite and forgetting... 

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