Tips for Storing Your Tent

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Tips for Storing Your Tent

Now that the camping season is done for some of you, it's time to store your tent. Here are a couple tips to save you some time, effort and $$$$

Before storing your tent, ensure that it is completely clean and dry. Moisture wrapped up in your tent for extended periods will promote mildew growth.

Your clean and dry tent can be stored in its stuffsack or loosely in a box or oversized cotton storage bag. Avoid sealing your tent in a plastic bag or any other airtight, confined space. Find a cool, dry spot to store your tent such as a closet inside your house where it won't be exposed to humidity.

It's always a good idea to set up your tent and check it over thoroughly and identify any areas by using a simple paperclip with a note showing location of damage or repair, if repairs needed it might be a good idea to have done before storing, or make a note to unpack in the early spring to have taken care of, there's nothing worst than finding out when your setting up camp....

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