Fall.. A Great Time for Camping

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Fall.. A Great Time for Camping

Can you smell it? The crispness in the air, caramel apples, pumpkin pies, warm cider. Just imagine waking up in the outdoors, the smell of the campfire, bundled up snuggling close with the kiddos and your hands wrapped around a hot cup of Joe. It's that beautiful season of fall, perfect time to pitch that tent or crank out that camper for a few last runs before the winter. If you have been sad faced about being stuck indoors for the winter here are a few good reasons you can use to say out a bit longer :)

SAVING MONEY: There's a good place to start, right? Since popular camping holidays have subsided and the summer rush is over, campground rates are cheaper since they aren't in such high demand. Scoot on out and get the best spot!

FAMILY FESTIVITIES: Why not enjoy the perks of fall where it really feels like fall, outside! Buy a few pumpkins for carving or painting with the kids, apples for making homemade carmel apples, see below for a apple cider recipe you can make over the campfire!

WEATHER: Who doesn't love relaxing in a hoodie and eating s'mores next to the campfire! You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the fall leaves changing color with the added bonus of no bugs! When I was camping as a child I remember going on hikes in the fall and trying to step on the fallen leaves because I loved the sound of them crackling under my feet.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: There are less crowds, still great fishing, and it won't be so hot out so you can enjoy sleeping in your tent everyone cuddled up next to each other. Camping is such a great way to make memories that last, get the most out of the season! 

Apple Cider Recipe:

1 gallon apple cider

2 apples

2 oranges

2 apple cinnamon tea bags

1 Campfire pot

You will need 1 gallon of apple cider (NOT apple juice), add 2 tart, firm apples, thinly sliced, 2 oranges also thinly sliced and 2 apple cinnamon tea bags. Place all in a campfire-suitable pot with a lid and allow to simmer for about an hour or so (or longer if you like a stronger flavor).

* Don't forget to apply a small amount of dish soap on the outside of pot for easy clean up.

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