Amazing Tips N Tricks for Camping

Make your next camping trip more enjoyable and "hassle free"! Everything from starting a campfire to tricks on cleaning your pots & pans. This is a great way to show off your outdoor knowledge & skills. What have you done lately to improve your camping?

A few items for the modern day camper.. (Click Image to view selection)



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  • An old egg carton and dryer lint is all you need to get a campfire started easily with items around the house.. Stuff a paper egg carton full of dryer lint and take it with you to your campsite. Place the egg carton under your kindeling,  simply ignite the carton and you will have a fire in no time! Another quick method for starting a fire is to use fire starters. 
  • To clean pots & pans easier, rub a small layer of liquid soap on the outside of pots and pans. When it comes time to wash your dishes the black soot from cooking over an open fire will come right off. (it's a good idea to clean pots and pans last). Wrapping the bottom of your pots and pans with aluminum foil before cooking over an open flame will keep your pots & pans soot free, then just throw away the soot covered foil for easy clean up.
  • Keep those pesty flies, wasps or bees away by spraying them with hairspray. 
  • Keep animals away from your trash by spraying your garbage with ammonia and keeping contained within a compact collapsable trash can
  • Wash your clothes with baking soda and your body & hair with a special body wash that inhibits campfire smoke and other outdoor related odors.
  • Make homemade Ice cream in a zip lock bag.. Read More 
  • To keep warm in your sleeping bag take some warmth from the campfire with you. When it's time to turn in, fill up plastic water bottles from the hot water simmering on the campfire  and place the bottles in your sleeping bag.To keep warm in your sleeping bag take some warmth from the campfire with you. When it's time to turn in, fill up plastic water bottles from the hot water simmering on the campfire  and place the bottles in your sleeping bag.
  • Keep your hands free by taking a headlamp instead of a flashlight.
  •  Wipe exposed skin with the inside of the orange peel or use an insect coil to keep insects away.
  • Cut down on the cook time for baked potatoes by cooking them 1/2 way in the microwave then wrap the potatoes in foil and place them in cooler till ready to eat.
  • Save time & effort when packing away your tent by using a ground sheet not only provides additional protection but keeps the underside cleaner & dryer.
  • Store your wind/waterproof matches in prescription bottles.
  • When in a pinch you can dry your wet socks by wraping them around your mid section, your body heat and warm sleeping bag will have them dry by morning.
  •  When hiking always have a watch, whistle, cell phone, flashlight and a knife with you in case of an emergency. it's also a good idea to carry a foot care kit for medical attention while on the trail.
  • Bottles with sticky contents (corn syrup, honey, maple syrup) can get harder to open after continuous use, to prevent sticking before using the bottle for the first time, wipe a light coating of cooking oil on the threads.
  • To keep warmer at night wear a hat to sleep in. You lose 80% of your heat heat through your head.
  • Use glow sticks for a bit of soft light at night.
  • To light up the inside of your tent, hang a lightweight compact LED Micro-lantern,and is small enough to put in your pocket when making a bathroom run during the night. 
  • Boil water in a plastic drink bottle-yes plastic Make sure its completely filled and the stopper is off and place it on the campfire grate over the fire. It won't melt.
  • Making toast with a stick over a campfire or on a camp stove. Find a branch with a Y-fork in it, cut it to a length that is safe to use away from the fire, and place your slice of bread on it. Hold it over the fire but not directly in the fire to make golden brown toast. For convenience, simply place your bread on a camp stove toaster over your camp stove burner.
  • Ripped out a grommit in your tarp? Simply find a small stone, wrap it with damaged corner and tie a string around the gathering point for an instant anchor point.
  • For a comfortable nights rest in a tent use the interlocking foam floor mats to line the inside of your tent floor, unroll and get in your sleeping bag or bedroll for a restful nights sleep. 
  • By using the Oztent mesh floor saver, can be used as a ground mat at the the beach  keeping sand from collecting on top,rather filtering through the mesh, or use the mesh floor under your tent awning area so you don't spend your time sweeping off the water rather than allowing the water to flow through the mesh floor for convenience..