My First Family Tent Camping Experience

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My First Family Tent Camping Experience

I started this journey as a city girl who knew nothing about camping or the outdoors, but I married Randy Ranger (we call him) and he loves ALL things outdoors (almost as much as he loves me lol).

 It was not until our children were 7 and 4 that he finally convinced me to go camping. My Randy Ranger tried very hard to explain the value of investing in a quality tent, if we had nothing else to start out, but I did not want to spend the money for one and we ended up with a very cheap box store tent. It was 2 rooms with a divider wall down the center and a little screen porch, that was all I cared about. Well letme just say, I learned my lesson fast on the value of investing in a quality tent, because the first night out it poured rain outside our tent and down that divider wall inside the tent, soaking everything. Crying children, wet EVERYTHING, and NO SLEEP, equals NO FUN. I should have listened to Randy, but I didn’t and well……Hopefully someone will learn from reading about my mistake. I didn’t care about things like heat taped seams, bathtub style flooring, thicker tent fabrics, or anything that would have actually made our camping trip enjoyable no matter what the weather. All I cared about at the time was the price, but we really saved nothing because that tent ended up in the trash and our trip was ruined.

So now that I have shared my learning experience with all of you, let me just say that Randy and I have been married 26 years now and he has truly taught me how to love and enjoy the outdoors as much as he does. We have traveled and camped from California to Vermont, some in camping resorts with pools and tons of family entertainment, but mostly in remote, beautiful, secluded places. I actually think I have become almost as much of a camping expert as he is (shhh) don’t tell him I said that LOL.

In 2006 Randy got this wild idea to sell camping gear online, so he proceeded to build us a website and make a way for us to help people find the best camping gear, at the best prices. I have to say, we love helping you, the customers on the phone or by live chat, choose the camping gear or camping accessories that best fits your camping needs. It’s important to ask the right questions whether gearing up for your first camping trip or preparing to be out for weeks or months on an Overland adventure. 

  • How many people in the family? Remember when a tent says the number of people it sleeps that means bodies, not cots or air mattresses.
  •  What price range are you looking for? Your tent is the most important piece of equipment, so choose quality over price and make sure it is one that will last for many years. That will actually save you money in the long run. (don’t get me wrong, we do understand a budget)
  • Have you considered the living space? Think about hanging out space if the weather is bad, a place to play family games or gear storage. Many tents like the Kodiak Canvas Cabin Tent, Oztent and Jet Tent, have wall enclosures or modular panels that can be added or taken away, to create this extra space when needed. Even if you can only afford the tent at first, you’re thinking ahead and getting a tent that can be added to later or a little at a time.
Well, I should probably say goodbye for now, but come back again. I look forward to sharing more of our stories, gear tips and Randy’s cast iron cooking recipes. We would also love to hear from you, let us know where you like to camp, join our FTC Newsletter (email us pictures…..I LOVE camping pics), any tips you have discovered in your camping journey or maybe products that we should carry for others to enjoy. Until next time…….

Camping Adventures with,

Randy Ranger & Kim


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